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The Vikings Are So Bad: MNF!

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The calendar turned, the clocks fell back, and it's time for your yearly start by one of the McCown brothers. The real thrill here is that at the end of the night the Vikings could be the only team in the division not sitting at 5-3, and this division race could get real heated. Unfortunately, Brother Josh has arrived to ensure the Bears will have a superfluously average offense that can't possibly keep up with Aaron Rodgers and his merry band of practice squad receivers. This is a game that should be good, since it's a division game between two solid teams, but won't because Josh McCown cannot resist the specter of mediocrity. Look for a Packers wideout you've never heard of to score two touchdowns and Matt Forte to go home with a lot of big numbers and a very sad face.


To watch this game you're going to need a pretty delicious beer that you can drink more than one or two of, so the not-local-at-all suggestion of the night is a Kona Fire Rock American Pale Ale. With a smell that some guy from Minnesota said was like freshly cut grass mixed with notes of lavender, this slightly caramelicious beer will be the perfect complement to ignoring the fact that Josh McCown is still occasionally starting games in the NFL. Dream of better times, everyone, and pray for Jay Cutler's health so we never have to do this again.

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