The results of the point guard sweepstakes are as follows:

Miami, as is their style, gets the headliner in Goran Dragic. Though not hitting the heights he did last year in the Suns' freewheeling, multi-positional system, Dragic still brings a healthy amount of offense to Miami, where he will most certainly be an upgrade on Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole (just like most NBA point guards).

Joining Dragic on the wagon out of Phoenix is Isaiah Thomas, shipped to Boston just months into a four year contract signed this past summer. He's in the top eighth of all guards in six of those categories above, all of them scoring related. The other four categories? There's only so much you can do when you're 5' 8".


Where Dragic was always going to be the prize of deadline day, and Thomas has been stuck in trade rumors for months, No one expected Phoenix to actually bring in another point guard. Even more surprising is where he came from; the Bucks have been the darling of the East this season and looked like they were ready to commit to a core of Knight, Middleton, Giannis, and Jabari. So much for that! Now Eric Bledsoe gets another big guard to team with in Coach Hornacek's frenetic offense, one younger and possibly better than either Thomas or Dragic in the first place.

Meanwhile, the team that used to have Brandon Knight before the team that just traded away Brandon Knight has brought in Reggie Jackson to replace its own injured point guard, Brandon Jennings. Jackson has wicked athleticism, can't shoot, can pass, owns a batshit highlight reel, and is definitely crazy, just like current Pistons hero Josh Smith. Wait, what?