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The Best Weeknight Football Ever.

Assuming you like football, and that's a pretty safe assumption, you're going to really like tonight. In addition to the usual NFL game, we are also being treated to two of the best college football matchups of the season. During the Redskins visit to the Vikings, (6)Baylor will host (10)Oklahoma and (5)Stanford will host (3)Oregon, with definite national title implications for the undefeated Bears and Ducks, as well as the Cardinal if they pull the upset. To celebrate, we're going to look at some relevant highlights.

Adrian Peterson and Robert Griffin III are having frustrating years, but things weren't always this way. Conveniently for the purposes of cross listing highlights, Adrian Peterson dominated at Oklahoma...

...and RGIII played for Baylor.

Look how good they are. My favorite moment in the All Day video is at 0:52 when he annihilates three poor saps en route to the end zone. Griffin's signature comes at 0:55 of his highlights, when he scrambles to both sides of the field before launching a picture perfect touchdown pass to the back corner of the end zone. Last season, both of these guys were (approximately) that good, and it's better when they are, so let's hope for them to make some highlights tonight, as it's pretty much a guarantee that their alma maters will.


Oregon and Stanford are responsible for, in total, Toby Gerhart in this NFL game tonight, so instead we're going to flash back a little to find something a little more exciting.

Joey Harrington almost won the Heisman once!

Did you see that? He caught a touchdown pass! Cool! Good thing he never played in the NFL and completely ruined his legacy. Let's move on.


Okay, let's look at Toby Gerhart highlights. I know, I could've chosen Andrew Luck, or even John Elway, but I love seeing defenders get truck sticked, and that's what Toby Gerhart does.

In summation, go watch football tonight. It's the most exciting Thursday you'll see for a long time, so go take advantage of it. And if you're headed to a beer bar, grab something nice for yourself, like a Green Flash West Coast IPA. Though it's brewed in San Diego, it seems fitting considering the Blur Offense that Oregon runs, and with it's big, aggressive hop smell and taste, it should be a great pair with tonight's football overload.

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