Jose Isn't Doc, But That's Okay

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Jose Fernandez won the National League Rookie of the Year award today. He was spectacular, possibly the best pitcher in baseball until he was shut down on an innings limit in early September, and is only 20 years old. His numbers speak loud, with a 2.19 ERA, a WHIP below 1.00, and 9.7 K/9, but they don't tell quite the whole story.


The repertoire unleashed in that video is dazzling. With a wicked slider and a fastball best described as straight fire, the fact that he owns the changeup you see at 0:41 just isn't fair at all. He even elicited comparisons to the best rookie pitching season of all time, Dwight Gooden's 1984. I won't bore you with numbers, but here's a flashback to him striking out the side in his debut All-Star Game.

Damn, he was good. Best wishes to Jose Fernandez on not ruining his career with cocaine.

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