Well, this is one way to replace LaMarcus Aldridge. With Ed Davis signing a 3-year/$20 million contract with Portland today, the Blazers look to be done on construction of their brand new power forward rotation. Davis, Al-Farouq Aminu (4-years/$30 million), Mason Plumlee, and Noah Vonleh (trades) will combine with incumbent Meyers Leonard to become the new Blazers frontcourt, replacing Aldridge and Robin Lopez. Obviously no one in this group is going to be All-NBA this year, but there’s at least hope for sustainable production. Aminu is the hybrid wing/post defensive stopper who is rumored to be able to shoot better in practice than in games, though that remains to be seen. Plumlee is the agile roll man who stuffed LeBron to win a game last year, though he’s used to playing snail-pace offense. Davis is usually one of the best bargains in the NBA and no one knows why, though whether that’s a positive or a negative is a scary bet to take on. Vonleh was a lottery pick last year with Charlotte who acquitted himself great on the glass and fairly well overall; that the Hornets traded him is probably the best indicator that he’s pretty good. It’s weird to think of the Blazers without LaMarcus, but these four guys will be working in tandem to replace as much of him as possible. Portland clearly has a plan to run as many Damian Lillard pick-and-rolls as possible, will any of the forwards be able to keep up?