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Bats and Brews: World Series Game 2

Fenway is hosting all of our attention tonight, so we're going to pick (almost) a Boston brewery for your special beer of the evening. In the spirit of the Michael Wacha vs. John Lackey showdown, (which no one ever expected to type, ever) we're looking for something with youth and experience. Enter the Cambridge Brewing Company's Tripel Threat. It's older than Wacha Wacha Flame but gets a youthful note from the fact that Cambridge Brewing just started bottling this past year, so the Tripel has been on the shelf about as long as Lackey has been back from what seemed to be a ruined career. The Cardinals will look to convert hits into runs at the record rate they did all year (.330 RISP!) while the Sox will try to pick up a couple extra hits from Mike Napoli and David Ortiz before one of them likely rides pine when the Series moves westward on Saturday. Vegas has the Sox favored -120 for the evening with an over/under of 7, so expect Wacha to give up more runs tonight than he has in the entire postseason, like two or something crazy. If you're like almost everyone in the world and can't purchase a Cambridge Brewing beer at your local store, feel free to honor the Fens with a nice Harpoon or a Sam Adams instead, and let the October baseball take you through the night.


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