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Afternoon Delight: The League Cup

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There are some amazing young players in the English game today, and it just so happens that the two who just got paid, Serge Gnabry of Arsenal and Adnan Januzaj of Manchester United, are on teams playing in League Cup matches this afternoon. Though Gnabry will not feature, Januzaj made the first eleven today off a series of sublime performances that have given a certain level of dynamism to United that they had been sorely lacking. Attempting to follow in Adnan's footsteps, there are a host of quality young players who will look to use today as a launching point. In the Arsenal-Chelsea clash Wenger's winger Ryo Miyaichi will be challenging the young fullbacks in blue, Ryan Bertrand and Cesar Azpilicueta. The United backs will be even younger as they face Norwich City, as Alexander Büttner and Rafael will man the flanks for the Red Devils. On the heels of the ascendancies of Gnabry and Januzaj, today could be a window to see where the next young star will come from.


To accompany your youthful afternoon, let's add a delicious, drinkable hefeweizen known as Slumbrew's Happy Sol. Brewed in Massachusetts with blood orange juice added for taste, this effervescent beer is one of my favorites for a casual afternoon. As always, enjoy the games.

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