Here is what the backcourt looked like for the Clippers the other day. (All markings are percentiles. Outer percentile is the best in the league. Templates are adjusted by position.)

Coach Doc's backcourt seems to have just about everything covered offensively. Defense and athleticism though, leave something to be desired, so it makes sense that GM Doc would go out and make a trade. Why the hell did he come back with this?

Austin Rivers is pretty decent at getting to the line and not turning the ball over too often. You know who else is good at those things? All of the players ahead of Rivers on the depth chart. And these numbers are likely inflated by the fact that his usage rate is so low, meaning that he's probably only taking lanes opened for him by better players. Even better, he can't really shoot, he doesn't run the floor, and he doesn't crash the glass. You know who will do at least two of those things for you? The player you sent to the Suns for next to nothing.

Coaching a contender is hard. Self-inflicting harm on the contender you are working your ass off to coach? That's some stupid-ass shit.